Girls Gone Hypnotized Nathalia and Dalvina – After the Show FullHD 1080p

limp - 11527 AFTER THE SHOW.mp4

A popular stage magician had two sexy volunteers up on stage with him, Nathalia and Dalvina. A day after the show and he still can’t stop thinking about them. He decides to pay them a surprise visit at their home, and use their hypnotic trigger from the show to put them back into trance and have some erotic fun with them.

Put back into trance using their hypnotic trigger from the night before.
Frozen in place and played with while unaware. (5 times)
Dalvina is commanded to dance on the hypnotist as Nathalia, in her normal state of mind, tries to stop her.
Roles are switched and Dalvina tries to stop Nathalia from dancing and taking her top off.
Nathalia sleepwalks and chants her mantra while Dalvina is frozen and played with.
The girls chant “we obey” while sleepwalking together.
The girls are made to put their feet in their master’s lap and eagerly show them off for him.
Kneel and worship their master. They tell their master that they obey all men.
The girls are made to become obsessed with him.
Anytime their not in trance, Nathalia is annoyed but what is happening but Dalvina is amused.
Both girls barefoot.
Dalvina – no nudity, Nathalia – topless.

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:11:57
Size: 247 Mb

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