Jane Jupiter, Sinn Sage – Hypergirl Finds More Than She Was Expecting FullHD

Jane Jupiter, Sinn Sage - Hypergirl Finds More Than She Was Expecting

Jane Jupiter

Superheroine Hypergirl Jane Jupiter is searching in SuperVillain Ice Queen Sinn Sage’s lair. The Baddie is hiding and uses a magic device to freeze their feet in place. Sinn gropes their over the knee socks before boob grabbing their large breasts. The helpless super heroine is humiliated when their big natural tits are revealed for some blackmail pictures. Hypergirl agrees to have lesbian sex because it would be embarrassing if the media saw their large natural breasts!
Sinn puts Jane’s combat boot over their shoulder for tribbing. The pussy play feels as good as the boob bouncing looks and Sinn cums hard. Sinn gives breast worship with breast squeezing, nipple sucking and tit licking despite Jane’s claims she didn’t enjoy the trib session.
Lesbian Strap-on or incriminating pics? Jane is mortified to give a blow job to Sinn’s big cock but is jerking off with their satin gloves and gives their best cock sucking skills. Stripping panties and teasing pussy lips with the head, Sinn slides their big dick inside their wet pussy.
Soon Jane’s begging to be used and Sinn is pounding hard to see big tit jiggling. Switching from missionary to doggystyle, Jane secretly loves the naughty lesbian fucking! This submissive superheroine starts riding hard causing ass jiggling. Between ass shakings, Sinn’s ass grabbing and ass smacking their big booty.
Sinn’s hair pulling Jane’s short hair and orders their to say that it feels good. She just needed some whore training to be the best superheroine slut.
Embracing in the afterglow, Jane uses the freeze machine on Sinn before leaving.

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