Vivian Irene Pierc, Dakkota – I must obey bopo FullHD

Vivian Irene Pierc, Dakkota - I must obey bopo

Vivian Irene Pierc

Wonder Woman (played by Vivian Irene Pierce); Super Step-Mom (played by blond milf Dakkota) arrive at Bopo’s to arrest him. However, Wonder Woman doesn’t want Super Step-Mom getting in her way or getting captured. She tells Super Step-Mom to stay out of trouble, while she searches for Bopo. Super Step-Mom relaxes & talks about how unfair her partner is. Enter Bopo, with his club. WHAM! CLUB KO’D! Now Bopo brings out a device to mesmerize Super Step-Mom, so she will do whatever he commands. CAPTURE WONDER WOMAN. “Yes, Master, I hear & obey”, declares Super Step-Mom. Oh no! Super goes off to capture WW, who has no idea Bopo controls her partner. Wonder Woman is still searching, as Super Step-Mom sneaks up behind her. POW! CLUB KO’D! Wonder Woman is not out but just stunned. Super Step-Mom gives her the cloth. Off to dreamland. Wonder Woman wakes to find herself tied up. Super Step-Mom is next to her but talks in a robotic voice. Wonder Woman has to ask her several times to untie her. Wonder Woman still has no idea her partner, is under Bopo’s control. Again she searches for Bopo and finally corners him. Super Step-Mom sneaks up & removes WW’s power belt. DEPOWERED! Now Bopo holds Wonder Woman’s wrists as Super Step-Mom applies the cloth. LIGHTS OUT WW! When WW wakes, she finds her wrist tied with her magic lasso. WONDER WOMAN ALSO HAS TO OBEY BOPO NOW. He has fun taunting & fondling both Heroines. Super Step-Mom, continually covers WW’s face with the fumes of the cloth. Not giving WW anytime to recover. Time to get them both to bed. Both are given the cloth treatment. BOTH ARE CRADLE CARRIED AWAY. Tied down on a bed spread eagle, Bopo tells them about the fun night of sex they will have with him(implied) After all, they got caught so they are fair game. BOTH GET INJECTED WITH A Their ordeal has only begun. The night is still young!!!

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