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limp - 11279 Magic Ring

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Holden has also wanted to play with giant tits. Not just big tits, GIANT tits. Tits that overflow in his hands, tits that could cover his entire face, tits that are bigger than his head. Tits his wife most definitely does not have. So on an impulse after work one night he decided to sneak into the new strip club and Payton Preslee’s tits are exactly what he was looking for.

However she won’t let him touch and he feels like this is just going to be a waste of time. Until he wiggles his wedding ring and something in her eyes glows. Next thing he knows she’s placing his hands on those perfect giant tits and letting him squeeze. Next she’s insisting he take a taste, please her nipple in his mouth and feeds him. He sucks and licks and buries his face in her amazing cleavage until SHE cums. This was everything he could have possibly wanted and says he needs to go but she begs him to stay. To forget about his wife because the rest of her dances are on the house. Besides, she hasn’t even mad him cum yet.

Dumb founded he lets her slide to her knees, pull out his cock and tit fuck him right there in the back room. His cock is rock hard but it disappears between her big soft tits. She milks his cock while begging to be his fucktoy, promising to do this whenever he wants and guaranteeing his wife with never know. He can’t believe what’s happening but he doesn’t care any more. He’s always wanted this and he’s going to cum between those perfect giant tits.

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