Nicole Belle – Wonderwoman loses her powers and gets fucked FullHD 1080p


Wonderwoman loses her powers and gets fucked

Wonderwoman arrives on the scene and she is really confident and dominant. Showing off her beauty and curves. You try to use your powers on her but she is not affected by it since she is Wonder Woman and her superpowers prevent this from happening. When you try to turn her on by grapping her boobs and pussy she is quick to remove your hands and says that this would never work on a superheroine like her. In a desperate move you whip your cock out. For a moment Wonder Woman stands there mesmerised, it has some effect and she starts to rub her pussy and squeeze her breast, she moans a bit. But she quickly snaps out of it and knocks you out defeating you.

In the next scene you are in an interrogation room. You are handcuffed to a chair. You wake up and Diana Prince walks in. She’s wearing an office outfit with a skirt. Her hear is up in a ponytail. She starts to interrogate you, with questions of who you are and how you got your powers. You never answer one single question and stay silent. Then in a try to escape you use yours powers on Diana and this time it works. She gets warm and a bit horny. She becomes a bit more seductive towards you. She puts on a bit of a show for you, showing more cleavage, dropping a pen and bending over for you. She gives you a very good look at her cleavage when she uncuffs you. But it’s seems not to be enough. So she reveals her biggest secret. She is Wonder Woman. You are very pleased with this information and tell her to start masturbating. Diana does as you say and starts to masturbate edging herself to cum. She moans, starts open up her blouse and grab one boob in her bra, reaching for her sensitive nipple. Then as she almost cums you tell her that from now on you will be her master and she must obey you. She agrees and repeats that you are now her master. You tell her now to transform into wonder woman. Diana does as you say and starts to spin and transforms into Wonder Woman

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:30:25
Size: 406 Mb

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