The Fetish Tiger Tracy Jordan, Kymberly Jane, Astrid Hunter – Batgirl & Ivy Take the Stage FullHD 1080p

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Batgirl has tracked down super villain Poison Ivy and has engaged her in a fight! Punches are thrown and a struggle ensues. It seems that Batgirl has the upper hand until she is unexpectedly snatched up in ivy vines. It’s a trap! Batgirl is pinned against the walled by the super strong vines. They grow around her and leave the heroine helpless. Ivy taunts and toys with the helpless heroine before finally blowing tired smoke in Batgirl’s face to knock her out. When Batgirl wakes up she is lunable to move. She is on her back, spread eagle on a bed. Vines are wrapped around each of her arms and legs. They pull and stretch her, keeping her bound and helpless. Ivy caresses Batgirl’s body while she is stretched out by her vines. She loves toying with helpless innocent victims. Especially a such a sexy thing! Ivy reveals her evil plan to Batgirl as she runs her fingers up and down her tight leotard. She plans to take the stage at the opera house and release a pheromone that will put everyone in the audience in a trance. They will become obedient to her and only her. Ivy also explains that Batgirl can do nothing to stop it. She has hung a sharp sword above Batgirl’s head that will fall and be her doom! Batgirl is left to struggle in the vines while Ivy leaves for the opera house. Luckily, Batgirl is able to escape the trap and make it on stage just in time to stop Ivy from releasing her potion. However, Ivy still has another trick up her sleeve! Batgirl is grabbed from behind by one of Ivy’s henchwomen. Batgirl struggles to get free, but the woman holding her is super strong! Ivy laughs with excitement and prepares to de-mask the bat on stage. The crowd thinks this is all a show and cheers for Ivy to do it. What will happen? Will Ivy demask Batgirl in front a large audience? Or will Batgirl get escape Ivy’s trap yet again!? You’ll find out by the end of the video!

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