Randy Moore, Christina Carter, Coco – The Machinations of Mesmerisma! FullHD 1080p

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Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) and new sidekick Wonder Girl (Coco) are hot on the trails of the diabolical brigand Mesmerisma (Randy Moore)! They know she’s in this building somewhere… but where? They suspect she has information about the Justice League’s new Orbital Informatics Platform… and if they don’t find out what she knows soon, it might be all she wrote for the satellite, and all the secrets hidden therein!
They decide to split up, hoping to cover more ground. Certainly their Amazonian powers will protect them from Mesmerisma’s magical control… but when Wonder Woman encounters her almost immediately, Mesmerisma quickly establishes control. It’s clear that she isn’t strong enough to hold the Amazon for long, but Mesmerisma wonders… if she captures Wonder Girl, might she be able to use the younger demi-Goddess’s untrained power as her own?
She leaves Wonder Woman staring off into space and goes off to capture Wonder Girl. She captures her almost immediately, slamming her against the wall and compelling her to gaze into a spinning Orb. Slowly, Wonder Girl begins to chant a sultry mantra. “You Command, I Obey,” she mumbles as her mind melts into a puddle.
Soon, Wonder Girl awakes on a bed bound and topless! Mesmerisma coos at her seductively, presenting the magical Orb once more! Now, when Wonder Woman finds her erstwhile protege, the younger Amazon will pull out the Orb herself! Wonder Woman is caught off guard, and slowly foes under.
Now, Mesmerisma will hold Wonder Woman down and compel her to stare into the Orb. As her thoughts fade and the warm comfort of control slips over her, Wonder Girl removes her power items.
Now Mesmerisma will command her new servants to have some fun! The Women Wonder immediately begin making out and licking each other’s ample tits! Finally, one last command is given. The camera switches

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